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36x50 sizeBanners for prayer1. Prayer -abba father2. Intercession -God’s friend3. Court room case-Scroll bannerIf you need a little help understanding how to bring banners in the sanctuary here is a little teaching that will guide you powerfully. This is just a bit of info.Prayer banner(s)First bannerThis can be for public Sanctuary prayer or private prayer.Going into prayer:You come before your father in relationship, coming before him speaking :ABBA Father- God as FatherI’ve always prayed this way.As you Bring your banners into the sanctuary in prayer bringing an ABBA Father banner or a banner that represents your relationship to God as your daddy God.Speak lovingly to him. Speak to him intimately, tenderly and He will respond in sonship, fathering you!!You’re coming in with right motives and intent. You’re bringing your sin to him in confession for yourself and, or, others. Bring an offering - a testimony from the right posture of your heart. Bring offering in righteousness. Mal 3-Robert Henderson’s , The courts of heaven, teaches this. Some of what I’m saying is from his teaching.Develop your right stAnding IN God as Abba Father not just Father. ISecond banner to bring into the sanctuaryGOD’S Friend- God as FriendThis banner is an intercession banner.Ask blood of Jesus to cover you.He will reveal secrets for you to overcome transgressions.Claim the blood of Jesus!!to those that are intimate with him! He calls them friend!!He gives keys to the key-dom!!He reveals to you how to go inBy Zions footstool.The narrow place of entry- keyhole. You are a Key!He covers us with his feathers. Pull on the tips of His wing.Whatever activity you’ve been involved with ask for forgiveness.COURT ROOM BANNERSecrets of the Keyhole-God as JudgeThis covers iniquity.Blood line cursesStrongholdsWrong identityThe day you were born you were a scroll in heaven.Youre re- establishing a covenantWith God.There’s a legal document standing in your way ( curses ect. ) Present your scroll, or others scroll - prophecy - lifting it to heaven as a declaration . Speak prophetically - your destiny scroll. You create your alter before the Lord. You are an opened portal.You’re In the court system of heaven now.There’s a lot more to this so I recommend to watch Robert Henderson’s you tube videos.The Abba Father Banner was created in 2013 as God began revealing his covenant to me.I had a vision of the abba banner with heart in Michigan.Gods friends and Scroll banners were created in 2015,16 as I began to see.As my spiritual eyes began to open I began to see his Kingdom revealed — in banners!!!

Abba Father personal banner