Jubilee shawl (New Design) | raisedpraisebanners
Banner size custom for your desired size.50 crossesMulti colors- can customize your colorsTassels at each endScripture verse written out for you, and or, your name inscribed on the silk. Call for custom design - no extra fees.The Lord gave this design to me between my 49th and 50th birthday. This is my Jubilee shawl.I created this design to symbolize His cross in my life, His mountain where I hide. In this dwelling place lives His living Blood, His living, intimate  Water which  touches every part of me, Spirit, Soul and Body. This intimate or, In-To-Me-See brings us inside of His mountain of Praise. There  you are established on the mountain and become a carrier of his presence.	                                   We are Carrier Doves of His presence.I want to share this design with you. As you come into this place of being a Carrier Dove you will begin to follow- flow after Him and be a doer of the word not just a hearer only. You are hidden inside of his hand above and below. As you abide in the cleft of His rock you are being feed by His hand with intimate knowledge but only as you dwell in the Fear of the Lord.He is calling you to come up and out!! He is calling you by your name and He is saying: YOu are my Dove my Fair one, come away with me, will you bear this intimate cross with me.blessings, charlotte    I have a message for you to deliver to my people. You are my messenger, my carrier dove. I can customize your shawl with colors and tassels with no extra charge.

Jubilee shawl (New Design)