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Remnant Flags

Welcome to my new page Remnant flags.

Remnant flags are available on demand. I ship within two to three days. Read about how I got started making remnant flags on my face book page: Broken Pieces Made Beautiful.

I only create one flag or banner or sets of them at a time, when creating these broken pieces. The broken pieces remnant flags/banners are unique and one of a kind.  All poly or silk banners on this page are reduced. Coupon codes can not be applied to poly or silk one of a kind reduced for sale and on demand.   

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Broken Pieces made Beautiful

I have created the Broken Pieces Made Beautiful page from an experience I had in December when I discovered there were more possibilities than just using flags/banners individually in ministry. What I discovered was, by sewing many banners together or (when people gather) we can work better together than separate. I created my first red patchwork billow with different pieces sewing them as ONE. I  discovered I could sew large banners together and make my first tent canopy. You can view it on the fb page link above.