Charlotte's Prophetic moving -Art Work on Silk

Rainbow Covenant.

I created the first one Pastor Sino In Pearl MS. I've sold so many of these. Most popular banner I carry. 

River doves

Commission work

This is the first banner I ever made. 2007

My daughter's profile. 

Might woman of God with Eagle banner

Hand made Mississippi staffs

Charlotte's Prophetic Art work on silk, walking sticks and canvas.

Deep calls to deep

River dove

Banner in Israel

Movement in worship Training in Scotland. We were at the North sea here with banners. 
My first lion of judah

encounter banner-invitation

The Door!

xx large river of life banner

Mystery of the keyhole

My standard banners

This is my friend Sue in Singapore with Yeshua bannerflag. 

Lisa Young with a 

worship scarf

"Year of Jubilee"

Wall banners

This is one of the many church that I create custom banners for.  

Banner I created from a conference flier for a customer.

Pencil sketch of our Judah

My dove My Fair one

A vision I had during a conf. It is a prophetic  Joseph Bough.

My foot print on canvas

The Burning one.

I saw this image in an encounter with the SPirit of God in 2006.

Some of these images I capture i have to draw them immediately. Later I get to know why. 

Holy Spirit revealed to me the dove I was to paint for my banners. This is it. It took several years before I saw it.

I saw this in a vision over a couple of years. I began to put it together. I have a great story of the key hole on another page on this site.  

Vision encounter 

Vision encounter in 2013

If I can see it, I can paint it. If I can't see it, I can't paint it.