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Fly Like The Wind

This is a prayer from a dream I had on February 2020


There’s only one direction for those seeking rest.

It’s in the upstream.

In the high heels where the high tops meet!

The high plains, in the high mountains,  the high streams.

It’s there you’ll find the source.

The source is in the high tops!

It’s the kind of water that makes men’s hearts thirsty.

It’s High Praise.

No more idols on this high hill!

No more trophies of men , no accolades of men will make it on these high hills!



My banner is fanning me on!

My banner is rolling!

The wind is carrying her forwards,

She’s on her own!

I can’t touch it!

I can’t fix it!

I can’t bend it!

The wind, the water, the waves are satisfied with bending it!

I’ll just flow with the current!

I can see myself flowing now upstream without getting hurt!

Father, I pray that I can flow upstream without being wounded!

I pray can flow upstream without developing calluses!

I’ll choose to flow upstream without turning around!

I will not go back and get what’s behind me!

what's behind me, is a current that’s pushing me forwards!

I can’t get behind the current, I have to get ahead of it!

My spirit already knows what my soul doesn’t!

I put my trust in the current!

Not the current of life‘s issues, but in the currents of the wind.

The current of the water!

The wind is in the water!

Without your breath, blowing,

Without, your Hey, I won’t make it!

Without, your breath,

Without, your breathing breath, there’s no current, there’s no water flow, there’s no upstream, and there’s no downstream, there’s no fountain, there’s no river, there’s no spring, there’s no stream, without your breath!

Without your Ruach Ha Kodesh .

Without your wind, without your streaming wind, Without your streaming wind, there’s no current to flow in!

Without your voice, without hearing your voice in the wind!

I hear you, Jesus! I hear you Holy Spirit, my friend!

I release it, and I let it go!

So, Gather me, my lover. Gather me to the Mountain of spices.

Crush and press me!

Gather me up to the mountain on the high hills where your voice is heard.

Your Voice is in the mountain.

The young ones, the oracles soar there.

The voice of my lover

my friend

This was a prayer I prayed a couple of years ago- when I had a dream of seeing one of my blue/ green banners rolling down a highway. It was rolling/ tumbling like a ball, like a river.

I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t grab it, or rescue it. I knew I wasn’t in control. All I could do is watch it roll!

It was February 2020- I was really discouraged and wanted to give up on my calling in ministry.

It wasn’t long after that I heard Holy Spirit speak to me to make a smaller style Jesus banner and charge $40.00.

That was the beginning of a company that carry JESUS banners across the United States in strategic areas. 

I’m learning to fly!! I’m learning to give it away!!

I’m learning it’s not mine anyway!!

Psalm 42:7-8 KJV

Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: All thy waves and thy billows are gone over me. Yet the LORD will command his lovingkindness in the daytime, And in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.

A Whole Unique Piece

I've always admired stained glass. I have a few pieces in my home that are treasures.

Recently, I was at church where I found myself standing by a stained glass window. 

I happened to have a multi-colored JESUS banner waving in my hand. 

I didn't put it together then, but Holy Spirit was trying to relay a message to me that morning.

You see stained glass is always just pieces put together to to relay a message. 


Much like the Rachels, the Josephs, the Leahs, and the Mary we all have a story. Each story is unique and builds upon each other into a bigger story.


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