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A little about workshops.

Raised Praise banners will customize a workshop for you!


Workshops may include: fun innovative exercise warm-ups. Group, team flocking/

Banner -(ROD)  and Staff teaching and what they mean for us as a living symbols.

We do what's called  'making a house- making a window, making a door.' 

We group up and declare our doors, portals, windows and houses are clean and full of the strength of the Lord,  rooted and grounded in LOVE, so that we may go out in His Hallelujah Rivers.

. We encourage you to bring your flags, billows, scarves, ribbons, staves, Shofar and drums, tabrets,  to the workshops with you.


  We do bring many of our own items, flags /rods ect. to share.


Moving prophetically is what we love most.

One of the breakout sessions we do is what's called:

"Discovery Toy Time In God"

   During this time  we gather these tools:  rods, staffs, banners,  spoons, bells, cymbals, sticks, drums, bubbles, scarves, prayer shawls., any musical instruments that encourage  involvement and we can see Jesus in them. 


We develop and begin to understand our stomp, clap makes a difference in our unique vocabulary in God.  

He is teaching us a language. This is not a new language but an ancient one. We are  just beginning to develop the language of heaven.   

We stretch out, what it means to see His honey, milk, oil and wine flow.

We begin to "produce" as sons and Heir in His kingdom because of what we bear by the Father (HIS SON) , then we produce again and again replicating never duplicating.  In the End we are LOVERS - it's our greatest offering.

It's through His narrow entrance of the intimate knowledge of His fear that the Lord brings us to the broad, heavy and high-way of His kingdom !