Polyester banner  46 height by 72 length


color only in MAROON wine

We are celebrating GOD'S victory as we wave HIS champion banner. 

I created this prophetic banner in response to  Mississippi State University

college world season national championship 2021- God is doing something like a shift in our state-nation!

Believe for where you live that GOD is shifting you up and out like a river overflowing!!

Insert your state or nation in the brackets!


We believe for a shift like a turn in the way {Mississippi} has been looked at in the past.  God is redeeming not only us as a {state or nation} but we are believing for other places around the world that once looked like "what could come out of Nazareth" to be: WOW!!!- look what GOD has brought out of what looked dead!  THrough much intercession and standing on the land we with consistency and accuracy  are a Gideon's Army. We have learned how to bend and release, or like a Mother Hannah with her consistency and pressing brought forth a Samuel.  NOT one word will fall by our declaration, but we will be accurate with precision hitting the mark every time!  


God is raising up dread champions, elite champions in this hour to conquer kingdoms of this world. Johnny Enlow's prophetic word: God is surfacing those who have been beat up, those that have been abused (the survivors)  there are some mighty mean, mighty women of God arising even right now- they're called to be champions. They're going to be major voices going forward. It's taken a lot from them to be these champions, those that have made statements, and declarations bc they not been known before, but they are also heroes and heroines for the Kingdom of God and the intensity of the moment, or the delay of the moment has forced them to the surface- this is part of , when God says: " this is to the GLORY of GOD I'm allowing this thing to delay- like he would lazarus.