North America

South America







50 wide by 50 deep square


cross in blue vertical  and green horizontial cross

all silk

8mm or 5 mm

displays the continent-


All things new-continent banners.This set of continent banners include: Asia, North American, South America, Europe, Antarctica, Australia.

This is the vision in regards this set of banners: I had the night vision, November 2003. This is an email I sent out on 2015.

The Lord spoke to my heart to release this vision. This is a "now season" of cycles and loops being destroyed. You're going up and out. In the night vision, I saw myself in Africa in a village. I was with a friend, native to Kenya. Both myself and My girl friend saw a lot of African men standing around. Although we were frightened, we moved freely around as we were lead. We were on a mission of some sort. She and I were traveling around, searching for something. I noticed she was drinking apple juice from a bottle straight into her stomach, from a tube. The apple juice was saving her life. For some reason, I didn't need this apple juice myself. The apple juice was keeping my friend alive. All of a sudden, a vision of the continent of Africa opened up to me. I was standing in Bangui. What I began to see were two colors. A ribbon of blue fell down over me. This blue colored ribbon began to manifest and take the shape of a second color, bright green. These two colors began to take the shape of a cross. The longest vertical beam was a complete blue color and the horizontal beam at each end was the green color. The blue touched South Africa, Central Africa and Libya/Algeria. while the green tips of the horizontal cross touched Dakar & Ethiopia. The colors were strong. The continent seemed to disappear inside the cross of colors. Then, as I was looking I could only see the edges of the continent outline at the top and bottom maybe the sides to. The cross of Christ restored every thing. The green is restoration of all things and the blue is revelation, from the top of the continent to the bottom. I knew that I was to write the vision down and keep it for a time in the future. I was not making flags in 2003. My little girl was only 2 years old then and I had my hands full with her, along with 3 other children so I put it away. I've had the dream book with the vision in it, out on my table for a couple of month, just looking at it. It is time to paint the prophetic vision now and proclaim Africa's fullness has come.
March 16, 2020
I woke up this morning remembering that I had made a set of continent banners and to get those out again. I've used these at our fellowship and other places but not a great deal. These are a prophetic sign for now.
I heard the Lord speak this morning. I heard the Lord say, "Reset".
He is raising up Mothers, Fathers- to raise Sons and Daughters. I say Mothers first because it's the Mother that weans the baby off of milk then the Father and Mother both - train them in the weighty things of learning and equipping.
God is raising up a people that will be equipping in training stations across the earth. In the vision I was in Africa. I believe it was a prophetic sign speaking that Africa is the start of all the human race and God is beginning a new thing of restoration of All things become New- revelation, fresh oil, fresh meat for times of leanness and scarcity- there will be an abundance for those that BELIEVE. We are being sent out. GEt Ready.
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Charlotte Jean Todd Leonard
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