45x65 Or 55x75 Same price All silk With polyester casing


2015 design


We are keys of light going forth in the government of GOD revealing, exposing, and crushing darkness.

The teaching of the ROD and the STAFF

As we understand our authority and are of a different Spirit we manifest the rod and staff -

The Rod represents the Authority we have in Christ, not in ourselves.

The Staff  represents Our Spirit that is yoked to CHRIST (AS ONE) Also our spirit represents water, wind, fire,  breath of God, our Song, singing to the Lord, our SHOUT, even the brass ( instruments that are blown through) we play, the shofar that's blown, declarations we speak,  GOD'S word SPOKEn from our lips, anything that comes forth from our eternal SPIRIT or internal vibrational sound( breath)  from within.   

As Joshua and Caleb went into the promised land they went IN with the -AUTHORITY  (boldness, zeal) of the ROD.  Because their will was submitted to GOd will the ROD of God worked! Their authority TRUMPED any and all other authority of man!   They didn't go into the promised land with their own will or their ROD of authority. We all possess a rod or authority, it's the ROD of God's authority that brings down the giants!  


How did they come out with THE SPOIL of the LORD!! 

If you go into a land that God has given to you with HIS will or YOUR healed soul (his word in you bearing a ROD of discipline- Your going in with a healed SPIRIT bearing a whole ROD of authority. YOu go in and come out with SPOIL!! 

 They went in with their SPIRIT intact because they were of another SPIRIT.

They came out bearing two poles of FRUIT which represented fruitfulness. 


 NOW as a staff or one that guides you learn to bend to GOD'S will hence the bend of the STAFF. The curve is a symbol of the OVER FLOW  that flows forth from your overflowing SPIRIT.  YOu're a Gideon's Army set for battle (bend and drinking in rivers that mold the staff to its owner.   


God’s Friend