I saw this banner in 2020 in April.

This was a vision a waking vision.

The LORD is working on our behalf to pour out his grace in and through us!


The shape of the American flag is in a HEART which represents GOD'S heart for us!  He has a heart for the nations!  He has a heart for the NATIONS. Don't allow anyone to tell you GOD doesn't care about boundary lines! HE DOes!!!

God is forming a boundary line of HIS love in US!  


This grace I saw was in white letters representing HOLINESS and sanctification.

He is looking for a pure bride spotless and unwrinkled!


THe banner is 55 x 65ish in size

I will finish the banner out at the bottom- with white and form a point of the heart. 

the casing is in red

the background is white

THere's 13 bars of white and red

I've only got 33 stars upon this banner which is what fit within the allowance of the design. Im not saying its prophetic but it can represent the number 3 which is divine! 


GRACE alone