100 precent Silk fabric

55x 75 to 80

This beautiful banner was my first ones to create. It has a blue stripe atop representing the fellowship of the Holy SPirit  (blue). I hope you'll enjoy waving and fellowshiping with our banner, Jesus! 


Blue and white  only

12 cut tips representing 12 tribes


blue stripe declaration one heavenly nation


Blue stripe meaning: Khavurah literally means sore, stripe, wound. By his blood, we are healed but by his stripe we have fellowship.


BLUE REPRESENTS Fellowship, communion, friendship, oneness, closeness, dining, abiding, intercession, praise, resting, marriage, supplication, the tabernacle of abiding, his wing over me is love because I come under his shadow, strength, banner, hand, breath, Realignment. Here is the basic list: Speaks to us of the eternal presence of YAHWEH. The color of God's chosen nation, the people of Israel, blue dating back to the time of David. We also note in Ezek. 1:26, that the restored throne of David which will rule supreme in all the earth, is God's throne, is spoken of as sapphire, which is blue. Blue also speaks of healing. Matt. 9:21 - Antipas, M. Stewart. Symbolizes the heavenly realm; prayer; priesthood; authority; revealed God; grace; divinity; Holy Spirit; overcomer; revelation knowledge; the Truth; the Word of God; the Word; Messiah. Light Blue: Heaven, Heavenly.Turquoise (is a bluish-green): River of God, sanctification, healing, life-giving flow of the Holy Spirit, the New Jerusalem





THE JESUS BANNER- silk-blue+ Jesus cup

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  • Banner is usually created within a week and shipped out two or three day shipipng.