New banner series 2019
New wine
New creation
All things New
New day


New 2019 Design

X large Edens River Banner


Here is your Rivers of Eden banner 2019

RIver of Pishon, RIver of Eurphrates, River of Gihon, RIver of HIddakel

Starting with Milk (NEW DAY) at the bottom length  (white with flowers) of the banner, it's His milkly goodness that brings us into our land of the living were we begin to be unfurled and move out into our scroll-we begin to learn how to breath in  JESUS the River- 

then moving up in ascention with the Father in His mountain we next see in the River the River of Honey

(NEW CREATION) that flows in wisdom brining us into the branch or HIs arm that carrys us or holds us within Himself-He makes us to drink from the rock   HIS honeycomb -JESUS


moving up IN Him still we see the RIver of OIL (ALL THINGS NEW) where His fingers are our awning, rafters and we begin to hide underneath His hands and arm of rescue abiding in JESUS  the flinty crag where we find His oil we drink that


We are IN Him abiding fullness in the River of  JESUS-WINE (NEW WINE)  where we begin to be poured in HIS JOY  to the whole earth for HE has completed all things and now we are NEW.

If you wouldlike to use this material please contact me for full revelation. 


New banner series 2019