Rods: Simple rods with med stain. (feathers, beads, leather) - pick one.

Feathers -peacock, beads-handmade multi colors, leather- earth tones.

These are all tall rods.

shorter rods upon request



Place in note one of this extra item.


Spiritual meaning: The genealogy of the soul or identity in Christ.

The redemption of humanity.

We are IN our new day.


Separation from sin-

As his word is a sword!


He found us!

He fought for us!

The I Am!

Rods represents: love, joy, peace

Rods represent hearing - clarity!  (Moses)


Wilderness turned into "road."

Deserts turned into "rivers."

Consuming Fire!

Aggregation, binding together, driving out invaders, upper room, justification, -Standing being tested becoming fully dependent on him.-narrow places like a needle going places only God can take you.

Song of ascent: 120 psalm


# 6 of humanity- Being weaned from slavery.


Psalm 131-Living wells of relief

Edens rivers-Pison

Dry narrow to flowing gushing - rise up my virgin bride come away with me!


Milk- cream to Edens rivers of pleasure

No broken roads there!

Good  (SOIL) -no more cycles around the mountain and no more hard ground!

You’re feeding in high places, satisfied, disciplined and consistent, endurance- you’re becoming a disciple.