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His secrets are reveals as your destiny scroll begins to unfurl.
I had a vision. A scroll appeared to me. I saw it unfurling. As it began to unfurl I saw white strands - like white milk pouring.
He is establishing his righteous roots in us.

I had an experience on the 22nd 2014
I woke up one morning and before I opened my eyes I saw a rolled up scroll.
It was rolled up with
a little tie in the middle of the scroll.
I then began to see God's breath go inside of the
scroll expanding it.

I can't explain it any other way but it was like there was wind or God's
breath (Rauch Elohim) - The Spirit of the Lord- breathing or blowing inside
of the scroll making it expand.

It became a living thing. The little
tie still remained on it while it began to unfurl on one end.
It's like God
was holding it down with the little tie.
In exodus 31:2 it says: the Lord said to mosses: "See, I have chosen
Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah and I have filled
him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge
and with all kinds of skills--
the breath of God comes as  wisdom and understanding.
I think Before a thing is revealed or your scroll is reveal the breath of
God must come into it, then wisdom and understanding is given.
THe Spirit of the Lord comes upon an individual enabling him to speak or act
on behalf of YHVA. God blows his breath into our scroll and we are
revealed, then we can (( move)) in wisdom and understanding like Bazalel and
I do see it as expanding our hearts to receive more of God.

That day I was leaving for South Carolina it was the 22. of oct. I was
leaving for a ministry trip to South Carolina to work with a group of ladies
at a church.

I kept all of this in my heart hoping to remember it all when I got back
home and could write it down. I did sketch the scroll out with pencil while
I was there.
I remember the scroll so well. I was able to pull it up at any time. It was
like it was imprinted on my heart.
I found this interesting :
from Sefer Yetzirah
The word ruach indicates motion and communication. It relates to the word-
Rach, meaning a path. The spirit ruach of life in an animal, It is the
power that causes it to move. Normally, the air is invisible and
undetectable except when it moves. It is then experienced as spirit ruach,
hence rauch is the word for wind and breath and spirit.
I know air is invisible and undetectable but I saw the air. I saw it
blowing into the scroll. it had a color. It was white.
It seemed to look like milk strands, if there is such a thing.
In Genesis God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless
and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of
God was moving , blowing, breathing, communicating, forming a path or
pattern over the surface of the waters.
Psalms 110:4
You are an enternal pattern after the order of Melchizedek .
2 kings 16:10
when King Ahaz went to met with king Tiglath pileser in Assyria in
Damascus , he saw the alter there, King Ahaz sent to king Uriah the priest a
drawing of the alter and the blueprint for it's design. Our design,
pattern, blue print is revealed when our scroll is unfurled by the breath
Ruach of God.
Christ is our perfect pattern. God communicates to us in patterns. ALl types
of patterns. When he moved on the face of the deep he was communicating and
forming a path in which all things would move or have their life force. The
tabernacle has a pattern.

Then I heard while I saw still in bed that morning the 22nd: I heard God say: I do things
in patterns: when you see three, it is a pattern, It is a pattern of Three.
When you see four it is a pattern. It is a pattern of four. When you see
five it is a pattern. these are patterns. I have set.
Then I heard. When you see a pattern of three I add one to it and it makes
When you see a pattern of four I add one it it and it makes five. When you
see a pattern of five I add one to it and it makes six. When you see a
pattern of six I add one to it and it makes seven. This was the word I
Talk about patterns!
It was the 22 of October when I got this scroll. , I am 22 years old in
the Lord. my daughter was born that year I became a born again Christian
and of course she is 22 years old. pattern, pattern! 2 is the number for
God is beginning to reveal number patterns to me.
Then i began to think:
When I see 7 do I really see 6 because God added ONE and made it 7. When I
see 2 do I really see ONE because God added to it and its really ONE. We
can trace everything, living, back to God. He is the beginning and the end. He
is the ONE.
He added one and made two but when you see two you really see ONE. It all
goes back to God. When you see 7 you really see 6 , then when you see 6 you
really see 5 cause God added one. Then when you see 5 you really see 4 then
when you see 4 you really see 3 then when you see 3 you really see 2
because God added one to the pattern of two which made three and when you
see 2 you really see ONE which is God. Every living thing goes back to the
ONE. He is the beginning and the end.

He is a multi dementional God!


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