Mississippi  young sapling- ministry tools.  These tools are used  for teaching and training in In-to-me-see.

Separation, Clarity, Responsibility, Stability

Milk, HOney, Oil, WINE

If you are fully processess in the mountain you bear a fragrant praise. We are raised in the highlands of God, where the young are raised as warriors. 

My Shakkah's  

Son of my right hand-Benjamin  RODS-  are ones,  that have,  fully been processed in the mountain (headwaters of Yahweh - You are now flowing - gushing down the river out of the mouth of the Father of Lights. 

You are in Perfection! Son of my right hand represents process in the hidden place, then you are a Shakkah to the nations. True pourers have (hearts that are fully on fire) in their city-on the mountain- hill of God.  If you are a keeper of your own well you will be a pourer to the nations. You are a Shakkah! You are a Shakkah because you are in Solidarity with the Father- SOn- Holy SPirit- Complete and fully inside the RIVER-obsorbed in the River inside of HIS face looking out. YOu are crystal clear eyes that see.


    read this article: https://www.raisedpraisebanners.com/rod-s-son-of-my-right-hand


The Lord gave me the name Shakkah's  in prayer.   My hand crafted walking sticks RODS  represent:   solidarity.  If you  would like a complete teaching on the Shakkah, I am available to travel and do workshops on the Shakkah and the banner of the Lord.

YOu must first bear a shakkah then then the  banner is held high.


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peakcock feathers


scripture written out or just the scripture itself

antique keys


painted in multi colors

Copper charm:  Copper Tree of Life, Copper feather

I will place a verse of scripture on your shakkah.  



Shakkah's ministry tools for teaching and training and dancing

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