World silk scarf
Multi colors

Hello my name is Charlotte

This name Charlotte means: free-man

I have been sent to the nations ( in particular to the North American Continent to preach the gospel - to all nations within this land.)

In 2003-
I had an encounter( open vision)
Of Africa.
There I was shown the nations- they  
Will be filled with the GLORY of God.

God is exercising HIS government over all nations - yes!  That which is above and 
Below - He is in control.

Celebrate in his courts- His sovereign

It  is upon us now!

The world banner is handpainted in mixed colors as the Lord leads.

No two are alike!

Options for scripture can be placed on banner at no extra-charge.

100 silk 6 mm
Weigh or 8

Very light weight

Can us as scarf , billow or made in to a banner.

Layaways available
Contact me on fb messenger
Or at 662-312-8391

World ( silk scarf)