Taking orders- Polyester
Colors are done as seen the pic 
Acrylic painted Polyester continent  banner
This is  out door ready. Durability is a must on evangelist missions.Very light polyester fabric, easy clean, hand washable.Comes in banner form ( can do any size small, med, large, x large squares and oblongs, half circles.Billow: oblong billow and round billow options available )your customized declarationsAnd color options available) - holds color well.
This design comes in standard  size 55 x 75
please phone me for sizes that are custom:  small, med, large,  or billow -round or oblong.
prices will vary according to sizes. thanks
pole options below

For more options see silk world wide harvest banner.
If you have specific words I will place them on banner .

Declarations  on banner
His love found me 
His love overcame me 
His loves knows me
I am known 

World wide harvest banner- polyester