36x50three to six weeks for delivery Worship is what you eat whereas Praise is the fruit you bear.Worship is a standard, our cross, the nail, the peg, the Vav.We are to be grounded, nail IN fortified and stabilized IN worship.It’s a hidden matter of the heart.The staff raises us up into council and his scepter authority causes us to shine. We are lifted up because of the North winds blowing on the south and our gradens fragrance begin to flow.  This worship banner represents a culmination of being grounded and held firmly in place and stabilized, seat and rested in Him. Worship can not arise until we are stabilized in His rest, rooted and firmly attached to HIM. His staff is a tree- we are trees planted, green oaks and simple willows by water courses. The staff and the rod together. The staff lifting up the rod and the staff and the rod become one and worship is displayed outwardly from that which is inwardly.

Worship new size 36x50