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Celebration Banners of Praise



November 28, 2017

Dance on a book

Little treasures spoke from an unseen world.

I've been a mover, celebrating with ecstatic emotion for over 20 years.

I was one of those who paid a price for stepping out.

When no one else could see and feel the wing of God, brushing over..... I did!

For those that have suffered in years past for what they saw, but didn't understand, behold your time is full.

You are a grapevine full and lush.

You've kept your first love tender to you.

Your heart is responsive to his.

Sometimes the zeal of the Lord will take you places that people don't think you deserve to be, but the zeal of the Lord takes you there.

Let zeal wrap you as a cloak. Let this adornment be your suffering in perseverance.

Let Lo-debar have its fullness in you!


confetti celebration banner of praise

Selling banners, as I do, I have been asked this one question more often than any other, and that is, what does it mean to use a banner in a church assembly? I have asked myself that question, and we all need to ask ourselves that question. My first beginnings with banners started back in ‘95. This pair came With No assembly required!! No adjustments- very compact. Travel was easy! I didn’t even have to ask anyone if I could use them. They were always a blessing to those standing by me. They even had ten little tassels at the ends. Have you figured it out yet? I pull them out, at night, when I pray. Yep, they are my hands! Raised Arms in Praise!! My first experience with praising Jesus my Lord was when I learned and understood my arms were a living symbol of praise. As He began to live in THEM I began to feel Him in them. They are My Rods of authority, My Victory beams, and My celebration banners. They are spread out giving him honor! My Joy branches! His crown lifted! My intimate tabernacle! They’re a living witness for you or against you. You see, if you’re not responsible to know, what that pair, freely given to you, is, how can you use a pair of fabric banners that you perhaps had to buy? You’ll only go as deep as the responsibility you carry, and you’ll only carry that which God has stabilized and held firmly in place.


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