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About Raised Praise

This site is HOME to the original JESUS BANNER-FLAG established February 14, 2007.  

My name is Charlotte Jean Todd Leonard.  I became a born-again Christian in 1992. In 2007, the Lord asked me to steward Raised Praise bannerflags for worship.  As  I submitted to the calling of God on my life, my hunger level to know the word grew tremendously. 

From Genesis to Revelations the Father taught me the revelation of Jesus, His Standard.

I want to encourage you to go through the many pages on this site. I will teach you about God's standard, through His word, how He raised it up and how He is raising it up still today.  

Welcome to Raised Praise bannerflags for worship.       

A Word From Charlotte

God's pulling a new generation of lovers to the front. You won't recognize these. They are those that have walked alone and secluded, held back for a time to be revealed. These saints and "ones to come" have not been caught up in running with or in groupies, "click" Christianity - jaded by routines of what they know how to do, but these are coming in from behind, on the back rows of life, waiting for God's perfect timing to be released. You won't recognize these, you wouldn't expect these. If you have held back because you feel God can only use folks that have it "all together", get ready!! Cause God is wanting to push some new babes out on the front lines!


Terry and I are members of new Horizons Fellowship in Starkville, Mississippi.

 We love and share the beliefs of New Horizons and have joined them in growth and fellowship in the Kingdom of God.

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