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Charlotte Jean Todd Leonard 


A Letter From Charlotte


Our mother loved making us clothes.

We lost our mother to cancer when she as only 54. 

 What I cherish most about my mom, was, the fond memories of her sitting at her sewing machine, sewing us dresses.  She loved to create.

To this day, I am humbled by the role my mother played in my life.  

It wasn't until many years later that I began working with fabrics myself and found my joy in working with them too!


Textile design has given me a chance to release my God given abilities and talents.  

I am thankful for my mother's inspiration in my life. 

 She loved being creative.

For me, textile design is taking the lightest fabric possible and creating unique, usable designs that encourage and enlighten the heart.

I am always looking for better ways to transform fabrics into something no one has seen before.