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God's PEARLY eye




I was interacting with an intercession thread on our JBT, Jesus Banner Tribe, group, and we were talking.  Actually, we've had a long conversation about the generations to come.  Through the years we've talked about the next generation, and lately, a lot of people have talked about the 
Gen Z.   
I began to contemplate some things The Lord had led me into, and He’s had me on this theme of Gates and Walls. 
Matthew 7:13 talks about, “because straight is the gate,” and narrow is the way or the path.  
Then it says that actually, few find it.  I know that it also talks about the Highway of Holiness and that the ignorant don't find that path.  It's only those that purpose themselves to find the path that finds it.  People don't just wander onto that path; the ignorant, and  foolish don't wander onto it
There's this continual theme that God has rested on my tongue of His gates being straight, and the way, the road being narrow. 
He backs this up by saying how the gate is like our mouth and the road, narrow, is like our tongue. 
If you kind of think about it as your tongue being narrow, you only allow what he puts on your heart or on your tongue to be spoken.  
Let me read a scripture that supports that because I want everything that I'm saying to you to be supported by The Word.  
It says in Zachariah 2:5, “I will be a wall of fire around it, and I will be the glory that's within it.” Your mouth and your tongue will be filled with the Holy Spirit like fire. 
I also want you to look up the scripture, Psalm 66:17.  That's going to be a really good one. “I cried to him with my mouth,” and that is open because you have to open your mouth to cry out, “and he was extolled with my tongue.”   In other words, you're lifting your MOUTH/tongue up as a road to extol The Lord, so your tongue has to actually speak.  You open your mouth and cry out, and with your tongue, you speak.  It’s impossible for you to speak without a tongue.  Do you know?
Those are the two things the Lord had impressed on me over and over was the gate and the road.
Getting to the pearl of God's eye and about how The Lord had spoken to me in reference to the generations and also our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters, our aunts, our daughters -- the women.  
It is this theme about the women and how, for some odd reason, in this season, the enemy is going after women.   He's trying to create women out of men. You know the agenda that we are seeing, the affliction that women have suffered.  How can we even respond to that because it's been so deep?  In some countries, women are disrespected and even treated like animals.
God is just really on it, so He says, “This is a time where I'm going to lift up my Deborahs. I'm going to lift up my Annas. I'm going to lift up my Marys. I'm going to lift up my Elizabeths.
I’m going to lift up those that have journeyed with the Lord in faithfulness.  He's responding at this hour to them.  Those of you that have journeyed with the Lord in faithfulness, He's going to begin to respond to you.
I think I have a word that God spoke to me this morning about the little ones, the babies, and the future generation yet to be.  I heard the Lord telling me that they were standing and waiting in the pearl of his eye.  When I felt that, I knew that God was giving us His pearl.  He was giving us a generation that would speak ahead of us that we would pour into the little ones, and then they would pour into the next generation and so forth and so on until the coming of the Lord, until His arrival.   
In that way, we are sowing into the Next Generation and they're standing and waiting for us to speak to them, and they are standing in the pearl of His eye.
Why are they standing in the pearl of His eye?  We are the apple of God’s eye.  We're his treasure, and God gives us all a chance to say, “Yes.” He doesn't like to say, “All right, for this portion of humanity, you do not get to say yes,” or, “You don't have the choice.”  He gives us all a choice.
We're standing in the constraint of God, not the restriction.  In other words, the grace of God. Constraint is the grace of God. Constraint is the ability to say, “Yes,” or have the right to choose. Constraint is something you choose.  For example, I will constrain myself today from not eating sugar.  I have the choice to do that.  I’m constrained; I’m not restricted.  In other words, somebody hasn’t put my hands behind my back and handcuffed me.  I’m not restricted; I’m constrained.  I can constrain what I say because I still have a choice, but that constraint can still be manipulated by the enemy.
The Lord puts us in his eyes so that we have a choice.  We're not placed on this Earth restricted so that the enemy takes advantage of us and we have no choice.  God puts us in His eye, the pupil of His eye, and He constantly persuades us:  Will you choose me?  Will you say, “Yes?”
As I begin to see that, I did find a scripture that talks about lifting up your eyes and looking around, that they all gather together.  They come to you.  As I live, declares the Lord, you will wear them all as jewelry and put them on like a bride.   Isaiah 49:18
Then it goes on in 20 and says, “The children of your bereavement will say in your hearing, This place is too small for us; make room for us to live.’” 
The Lord is fighting for us.  He’s asking us to fight for the next generation.  Not only is he fighting for us, but he's saying, “Will you say, “Yes,” to fight for the Next Generation because I'm fighting for you -- and I'm going to fight for them -- but I need my people to start saying, “Yes.”  
There is a picture that I drew of a lion resting in a heart.  It's supposed to be the Father is the heart, and he's on fire.  The lion of Judah is inside and has his mouth open and is roaring. Then there's a crown on his head that I drew.  The Lord gave me the crown many years ago. He told me that he wanted me to put twelve figures to make up the crown, and the twelve figures are children. He said that they were children and that they had their feet together and their hands together. They were locked together.  Their feet were locked with works, and their hands were locked in love, so it's works and love.  The crown is called Works and Love.
He told me yesterday that those were His pearls, that we are His pearls -- of great price, the pearls -- and He's constantly longing for them and looking for them.  We rest as a crown -- or a reward -- on His head.  We do.  That's why I always say, “Lord, help me to understand the language of Holy Spirit, that it's not a new language, it's not necessarily an old language.  It is an ancient language.  It’s a language that has to be interpreted by Holy Spirit.  The language of Holy Spirit has to be interpreted by Holy Spirit, or we don't understand it.
This is one of the things that I've seen over and over: His white, woolen hair is like the snowcapped mountains of God, and it's like this pearly crown on His head, an iridescent crown.  It’s all the same thing. We bend our knees at the footstool of ZION, and cap the mountains where we praise!
These are the children, the next generation, is likened to that.  
Also in the scripture, it says, “Behold, I will lift my hand to the nations, and I will raise my banner (EYES, MOUTH, TONGUES) to the peoples.  They will bring your sons and their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.”  (Isaiah 49:22)  
Oh, my gosh, so really this Crown, this banner is HIS WORD in our MOUTHS! 
HIS crown or HIS banner speaks to us as something lifted up. 
HIS word is in our mouth, and prepares the ROAD!
Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.
It's  His rod lifted up, like Jehova Nissi, but He was telling me that, His banner represented my tongue. It represented a tongue of a ready writer. It represented the rudder that was in my mouth, that directs me, that directs my path. It talks about that in James 3 and 4. You know it talks about our tongue actually preserving us LIKE salty tongues!
And they are also to be lifted up. Our tongues are to be lifted up because in order for us to cry out praises we have to open our mouths and then lift our tongue-And even to the point of our tongues being NARROW like a path, our eyes are supposed to be NARROW like a path too!
“Enter through the narrow gate. The gate is wide and the road is wide that leads to hell, and many people enter through that gate. But the gate is small and the road is narrow which leads to true life. Matt 7:13,14
Our eyes are supposed to be straight and single because it says “Straight is the gate. Because we start out immature the places we walk must be narrow.
As we journey he opens our path in flowing places (like tributaries flow) and gives us broad places for ministry. 


Psalms 16:5 

The Angel of the Lord announced JESUS was coming to save us from our sins. The name JESUS means "God will save."


The names comes from the Hebrew word YASHA.

YASHA root is "to make wide" or broad. 

   ou enter through the straight gate and the narrow road. He says to make your eyes straight. Let your eyes look directly ahead and let your gaze be fixed straight ahead in front of you.
I was like “Okay, Jesus, my eyes and my tongue are supposed to be straight until I mature and I'm allowed to take on more responsibilities!
My eyes and tongue are supposed to be single. It is supposed to be like a dove's eyes. You know Dove's eyes have binocular vision, they don’t have peripheral vision. In other words, they don’t see to the right or the left, but only straight ahead. And God talks about the dove as innocent. You know, doves only look straight ahead. So God was showing me it is not about a banner, but HE uses a banner ( I is still speaking through the banner today) it’s God teaching us that the banner is like a road!
As Stuttering Moses stood on the mount it was like a picture of  US  "HIS" crown ATOP JESUS' head.  
This is what God was saying to us: 
Keep looking straight ahead!! 
Jehovah Nissi- the Lord is my banner, my PATH, my ROAD, my Straight Gate, My salvation (roomy spaces) - my salvation road!
If we get distracted, we’re going to Curse and not bless!
Isaiah 5,
I planted a vineyard on a fertile hill.
If our mouth is full of bitterness and cursing we’re not lifting him up!
A friend of a friend, a lady that, actually, I met this weekend, began to pray, in this gathering, and she said this.  It was so interesting, and it connects with this.  She said that she was hosting a meeting with a bunch of people, and she was basically feeding them and loving on them, and rolling the red carpet out to them.”  
Then she said that she heard the Holy Spirit say, “Why don't you roll the red carpet out for me? You're rolling it out for them.  Could you roll it out for me?” Then she was convicted at that moment.  When she said that statement, she kind of confessed a little bit there that she had done this and this for people, and why did she not make that sacrifice to the Lord?  
The minute she said that I realized that it was her tongue, the words that she spoke.  It was the things that she praised.  It was the things that she made an effort to do. She also realized that we were supposed to make an effort, we're supposed to roll our tongues out to The Lord.
Psalm 42:7 says, “Deep unto deep at the sound of Your waterfalls; all Your breakers and Your waves have rolled over me?”
We’re supposed to roll the red carpet out to Him!!!!!!!! 
Our praises lifted up, roll out to The Lord.  That’s the road.  That’s the way we extol him! 
That’s the way we open the gate and we make it straight,  and then we manifest roads of SALVATION!  That's the road narrow.  It is us speaking back to Him what He's spoken to us.
That's deep too deep.  He speaks to us His word, then we speak it back to Him.  His Word.  In other words, we open our mouths, and we roll out His Word.  
I began to think and contemplate on this, and He spoke to me.  He said that His gate was His eye.  I thought, “Okay, there is another level here that we are to enter into this gate as though we’re entering into His eye, as entering into His treasure, as entering into that which He set up for us to possess.  We've got to enter into it as a little child.”
He said, “If you want Gen Z to be saved, you’re going to have to be like a little child because I came as a child, and your reflection back to me needs to be as a child.  We enter unencumbered.  We enter into releasing everything that we have around us.  We enter in without baggage, like entering a small space.  
The Scripture talks about Matthew 19:24.  “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.”  This is us, Guys.
We’re going to talk about grace.  Look up Matthew 19:24.  I want you to contemplate the fact that this entering of this straight place, which is the gate, and then the narrow place is the road.  It’s easier for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle -- that's the gate -- than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.  We’re entering into His gate, this straight place, the straight place of the gate.  The straight place of the gate is His grace.  
Grace is the same thing as constrained.  We're constrained in this Grace.  Grace allows you to make a choice of yes or no.  Constraint gives you the choice to say, “Yes,” or, “No.”  It's God's frame.  It’s the frame of His eye.  It’s His vision.  You can either say, “Yes,” to His vision, or you can say, “No,” to His vision.  You can say, “Yes,” to the straight place or, “No,” to the straight place, but the straight place leads to the narrow road which goes to His heart.  
Think of it as His arm.  His arm is straight.  He says, “I’m going to reach out with my arm and deliver my children.  Is my arm not long enough?”  It’s not crooked; it’s straight.  
He gives us a short route around by giving us His eye.  We enter in through that eye.  We can actually stand in the place of the gate and never enter!
That’s our choice.  
He puts everybody on the same, level playing field.  He doesn’t say, “These people over here are really impoverished, and these people are rich.  I’m just going to have more favor with impoverished people than the rich.”  No.  He gives a level place for everyone to stand, and then He says, “Enter in.”
“I stand at the door and knock.  I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will enter into him, and he will enter into Me.”  Jesus is the level ground we stand on!
He gives us the right to say, “Yes,” and this is the constraint, this is His Grace.  This is the grace of God that says, “You have a choice!”  
I began to see that I was His treasure, and His treasure was His children.  We’re going to stand in the place of the treasure or His eye for His little ones or this one to come, this Gen Z.  
In 1 King, He saYou desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. 3 When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures. JAMES 4ys, “How long will you go limping between two different opinions – follow God or follow Satan?  Also, in Matthew 19:24, it says that it is easier for a camel….  
We talked about this before.  I’m trying to put this point together we’re not supposed to be limping between opinions.  If you’re going to be at the gate, you need to walk through the gate.  Get on the road.  Get on the short way, the short route to God’s heart because what He is speaking in His heart is what we need to be praying for.  If we know what He wants, then we can speak rightly, and He is going to give it to us because we come as a little children.
If we see through your eye we already know what’s in your heart!- We will have what we ask because we ask right!
You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. 3 When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures. JAMES 4
He began to speak to me about the difference between constraint and restriction.  Restriction carries laws and rules, like a noose around your neck, chains around your feet, and your wrists.  Constraint gives you the option.  Constraint is a behavior or act of behaving a particular way so that you are able to make a choice, whether a choice for grace or a choice for the law.  He doesn't want us to come under the law.  Romans 6:14 says, “For sin shall not have dominion over you for you are not under law but grace.”  
God has a child-like eye.  His eye is childlike.  He doesn’t see our sin.  In other words, His eye is innocent.  His eye is like a pearl; it has no seam.  Because His garment is seamless, His eye is seamless.  His eye is like a pearl.  His eye is like the grace of God: JESUS!
He's always continually saying, “Yes.”  He chooses yes every time for us.  Life, not death.  
If His eye is like a child, we can stand in the place of His eye and be like a child and intercede for this next generation, especially for the wombs of the mothers to come -- for the wombs, for the daughters’ wombs, for those sisters’ wombs, for the aunts’ wombs, for the mother’s wombs.  Then we can speak into the grandmother's wombs for they are the ones that hold these prayers that have accumulated over the years.
When we stand in the place of the womb, we actually go into The Father’s heart, which is a broad place of ministry.  When we go into this road, this red carpet, our feet spread out and we take the land.  Once we get into his heart, we begin to take land, the land for the kingdom.
He said that straight is His gate.  Then He said that His path is narrow, but it’s narrow because His arm is stretched out.  Once we get into His heart --we enter into the New Wine Skin!
My friend always talks about that this she gets into the downey, love seat of God's heart.  When we begin to get into his love seat, it's broad, it's big, it’s wide.  Everyone fits.  But we first start out in the eye.
We must first go through his eye to get to his heart.  Yes, and we get there by the grace of God!
His will for us is to continually say, “Yes.”  He constrains us under that door frame of his eye.  He holds us in the frame of his eye.  He holds us, and when he holds us, he's wooing us with compassion.  
He’s wooing us with persuasion.  He's persuading us continually.  Will you come into this gate, to this narrow road, to my arm, to get down into my heart because I’ve got things I want to tell you?  
It says in Revelations 21:2, “The gates.”  There are twelve gates.  Then he talks about how there is one single Pearl, so His eye is this single pearl.  
All of this is leading up to you understanding how to pray for the women of this generation, this Gen Z.  They are going to begin to bear prophets.  They're going to begin to bear the apostles that are to come.   These prophets and these apostles are going to have a single eye.  What God has for us to pray for is these ones coming, that they will be pure and that they will be single-eyed, they will have unadulterated eyes.  The eyes they will have will bear the Pearly eye of God, God's pearly eye.
There’s a shaking in the Earth right now where we need to find out what God is saying and contend with this thing.  We need to start speaking what God is saying to us.  The deep that he's speaking to us, we speak it back to him! 
Deep calls unto deep.  At the sound of thy waterfalls, All His waves and Breakers, they roll over me.  In other words, you're speaking back to Him his Deep WInE!
The deep He speaks to you, you speak back to Him.   The song He sings to you, you sing back to Him.  
It goes on to say in verse 8, “He commands His loving kindness over me in the day, and His song He sings to me in the night.”  The song He sings to me, I sing back to Him.  
I’m going to go back to this
Early one morning as I was suckling with the Lord, I began to sing a new song to The Lord.
This is how it went:
Your Word is like a fire shut up in my bones. 
I want to constrain it, but you won't let me go.
In other words, He's constrained me within His eye, within His Word.  
It's like a fire, and it's going to come out!  His fire is not going to let us go.  He’s persuading us.  We have a choice!  I sang that back to Him in agreement with Him.
In Isaiah 5 it talks about an established vineyard on a fertile hill.  I went to check its fruit and it was dry.  It was bitter.  
He said, I planted you in a good place, and I went to check on you.  Did you go through the gate?  I went to check on you.  Is your fruit sweet?  Is the tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth, or is it rolling out praise?  Is it rolling out the song that I sang to you?  
Revelation 21 talks about twelve gates, and how it's a single pearl.  Then seated around the throne is four and twenty seats, and upon the seats, I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white.
And they all had on their heads crowns of gold.
I got to thinking about that.  If there are twelve gates, could each of these gates hold a pair of eyes?  That would make twenty-four eyes, maybe perhaps twenty-four seats or twenty-four elders.  I don't know I'm throwing that in as extra.  
When we walk in the grace of God, we’re walking in grace by faith.  It's impossible to please God without faith, so we have to be still, though, in that constraint for us to be able to make the right decisions by faith.  
The entrance into the pearl of God's eye, I believe, is faith.
Faith clears that entrance.  I believe faith clears the entrance into the pearly eye of the grace of God.  I believe faith clears the entrance into the pearl of God’s grace, His eye.  Within this pearl, we stand in God's perfect vision.  
I wrote this on the prayer thread here, so this is what I say.  We stand straight on your path and broad places of ministry with broad feet.  Lord, we're looking deep into your heart to see what you're saying to us.  
Jehova Nissi, You’re our banner!
You’re our Rod, our road revealed- we will lift and step into your pearly path/ straight way/ straight gate -with Our mouth/ tongues building up the glory road!
Father, I declare over this Gen Z, I declare the womb is protected.  This next generation to come will not be aborted, and they will not miscarry.  They will not come too early.  These women and men will not say, “I choose not to have children,” but they will say, “I'm going to carry my children to full term. I want to have children, and I want to have healthy children.  All of this I began to declare that in this prayer thread will not be aborted, will not miscarry, they will not come too early.  We declare over them that they are pearls, that they're hidden in the eye of the Father, that their feet are prepared for broad places of ministry, that you've saved them for such a time as this.  We as intercessors pray over the mothers, the mothers’ wombs to hold the pearl, the pearl of God’s eye, the gate, the grace of God, this doorway, this frame, this container, this peace.  Even to the rule of the government, of God’s pearly eye, His vision.  We declare that in these rooms, the wombs within this constraint of the womb of God, these babies will begin to say, “Yes,” themselves even before they are born.  
I just want those that are hearing this to understand that God is giving us a mantle.  He's given us a commission, a mandate to pray for this next generation and specifically for the women, the girls because they're carrying something in their wombs.  We need to agree with what God is agreeing with.  We need to agree that God is expanding their wombs. God has an expansive heart.  Faith is like a pearl.  It agrees with the expanded heart of God.  It's seamless. 
This expansion is unlimited!
It's perfect in all of its symmetry!
He reminded me of the Covenant in Deuteronomy 4:44 where He said, “I'm not going to break my oath because even if you turn your back on me, I'm not going to turn my back on you! When you get into that place where you're having to cry out, you're going to cry out, and you're going to remember that I'm your God.  You're going to cry out, and I'm going to respond.  It's not like God is not going to respond because we have messed up.  He is going to respond.
I think that I'm going to pray right here. I'm going to reiterate a little bit to just show you that this constraint that he's put us in is for us to be intercessors and not to give up.
I thank you, Father, for the innocence of Your eye, that we are going to stand as little children, that when you look at us, you see Your Son, the little babe, the Lamb that was slain.  When You see us, You see the innocence of that Lamb, You see the innocence of that little child, You see the innocence of us praying in accordance to what's on Your heart and on what's in Your Word, and we speak about you and you say, “Yes,” to us.  When we pray like that, Saints, He is always going to say, “Yes,” to us.  Father, I thank you’re saying, “Yes,” to us at this moment, that these women are going to hold their babies.  These women are not going to miscarry.  These women are not going to have tragic accidents and miscarry because of something that’s happened, be it a car accident or something that’s happened to their baby, or something that has happened in the womb that has caused their life to end.  Father, we are speaking into the wombs.  The enemy has come against us, Papa.  He's come against the daughters.  He's coming against the mothers.  He's come against the moms.  He's come against the grandmas.  He's come against the aunts.  He's coming against the sisters.  Father, we petition You right now in accordance with what You're saying to us, and we say it back to You.  We thank you, Father, that we stand as the pearl of Your eye, in the pearl of Your eye.  We stand as a pearl.  We thank you, Father, that our prayer is seamless, that our prayer is childlike, that our prayer is like the iridescent, golden crown upon Your head, like the iridescent throne of God, the highway of holiness where the river is your iridescent river, is your iridescent road, is your iridescent path.  Your Word is iridescent.  Your Word is sparkly and transparent.  We stand as transparent ones. 
Possessing binocular vision! Dove eyes-two eyes focused on YOU! 
We stand as innocent ones.  We petition Your throne, Father.  We petition Your courtroom of heaven.  We thank You that you allow us to come into that courtroom when we're innocent because of the blood of Jesus, and You say that Your verdict is life, so we speak life to these little ones, Father.  We speak life to the womb, not only to the little ones in the womb but to the life, that the womb would bear consistency, that the womb would bear a nutrient web like it would be an estuary at the mouth of a river.  Let Your head reflect the mouth and the mouth reflect the head, that You as the head, we would reflect the head.  Us, as Your children, would reflect the head like the mouth of the river reflects its head.  When the head flows down this river, the head of a river, the snow is released, and it melts, and it goes down into the tributaries, and it releases out of the mouth.  There is a web of nutrients, and it is released out of an estuary, which is our mouth. 
Father, we thank you that we reflect on each other and that we are in unity with a bond of peace.  I thank You for grace, for faith, for peace, for this place of nutrients that we release by faith, that it is Your children that You are bringing into this next wave -- and after that wave, another wave will come.  Deep calls unto deep.  At the sound of Your waterfalls and Your waves – all Your breakers and Your waves – Father, you’re not going to stop sending Your waves of generations on the earth.  These are your waves of generation after generation after generation – the ones that have been, and the ones that are here now, and the ones that are to come.  You’re calling Your little ones to stand in that place of your eye, Your pearl, so that the next generation will have a chance to say, “Yes,” to You.  
In Jesus’ mighty name, amen.

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