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The ARMY of God

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I'm a par

I had an experience in 2002, one year after the twin towers fell.

While I was sleeping I SAW the future.


911 Dream

On Wednesday, September 11, 2002, EXACTLY one year after the event of 911, I was resting on my couch and fell asleep with my new baby. I was watching the memorial service as I was falling asleep. Just before I fell asleep, I remember people were being allowed to enter the circle of remembrance. A strange wind began to kick up upon the people. I especially remember a fellow walking over and stepping inside the circle. He was holding a can. He bent down and scooped up some dirt and put it in the can very tenderly. The cameras focused on this one person as he gentle scooped the dirt in the tin. It was so touching. As I was lying there resting I became sleepy. It was 9 a.m. when I fell asleep. This was the experience I had while I was sleeping.

As I slept, I  immediately began to dream I was watching the memorial service on television!! It was the same exact service I was just watching on television moments ago. All of a sudden the announcer of thAT same station, I was watching, before, began to speak and say "O GOD!!” He said this several times in a row.

Then he said: "He is taking them!" I felt AND KNEW people- everywhere WERE watching the SAME program I WAS WATCHING. I KNEW THEY WERE seeing and HEARING what I saw SEEING AND HEARING. The announcer kept saying the same phrase over and over. TELEVISION LAND People THE ANNOUNCER, AND I (ALL OF US) began to see the wind kick up and swirl.

Suddenly a shell of a building rose up from that sight. It was a medium brown building. The building was empty. There wasn't a man-made foundation I could see. The foundation of the building was the soil. It was very tall. This building had openings for windows. The openings were squares. They ran along the front of the building. There was no glass at all. Then I heard the announcer say: "He is taking them up. God is taking the people up to heaven himself"! When he said that, I saw God's wind or breath blow down around the sides of the building and pull up all the molecules or particles of humans that were never exhumed from the rubble and couldn't be. He gathered them inside this brown building. His breath pulled up the soil in such a mighty wind that the presence of God was indescribable in that wind. This soil (Spirit or something I can't explain) stood straight up like a wall about 3 feet thick and taller than the building itself. I watched through the television and began to cry out and weep at how God himself was showing the world his power. I remember the soil was the same color as the med. brown building. At the top of the soil stood peaks. These peaks were of different sizes. Some peaks were taller than others. These peaks pointed towards heaven.

When I woke up from the dream, the program was still airing. Only 10 minutes had passed. You know how you feel when you take a deep sleep and when you wake up fast you don't know where you are. Well, I woke up watching the program and didn't know that I'd woken up. It's hard to explain. I couldn't understand why everyone on t.v. was so somber. After a minute or two I realized I was watching the program that was on before I fell asleep. Was this a trance?

I felt the breath of God on me for the rest of the day. That night at service I decided to give a testimony of what had happened to me earlier that day.

On the next Sunday, September 15, 2002, I was given a note written by a friend. She wrote in the letter: After service Wednesday night, I went home and turned on CNN. They were doing a recap of the day's memorial service in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. When the reporter Bill Hemmer did his lead-in on NY's service, he said something about the wind being so strong there at ground zero. Then he said it seemed to him like heaven took a deep breath and then exhaled over them. I thought that was stunning in the light of the dream you had shared with us the previous Wednesday night.

Here is the dream interpretation:

revelation. I looked back at the dream/vision I'd had in 2002. I understand the dream BETTER NOW. Many people are coming to Christ in these last days. In the dream I had, the announcer began to speak and say in a loud voice, "O, God!" I believe this speaks about people crying out to God, many people crying out and calling on the name of the Lord. NEWS MEDIA WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DENY WHAT GOD IS DOING! The next portion of the dream I remember is the announcer saying "He is taking them up to heaven, himself!" I BELIEVE THE NEWS MEDIA WILL HAVE AN ENCOUNTER WITH GOD! I clearly remember even to this day that there were people in their homes watching this scene and people on the streets, stopped to watch how God had caused a TREMENDOUS mighty wind to stir on the land. This wind was so fierce that it couldn't be mistaken as JUST a storm. IT WAS MORE THAN A STORM! IT WAS GOD'S HAND MOVING! It was a wind of sanctification. A wind that was blowing in the land breathing life into hard hearts. The strange thing, that stood out to me, was that God was not hiding, he was doing this thing out in the open streets. It was as though God was allowing great exposure to TAKE PLACE AND THE supernatural POWER OF GOD WAS BEING REVEALED! This took millions of people by surprise. This wind and glory couldn't be misinterpreted or misrepresented by the mass media any longer! God himself was doing it!!! IT WAS AN OPEN DISPLAY! IT WAS A SHOW! It was not a pastor, preacher, or ministry group. It was not a gospel service or any Christian event that was held, that made this mighty wind begin to blow, but it was God himself, HIS HAND- manifesting his power and glory on the land. IT"S HAPPENING NOW!!!! He heard the cry of people crying out "O GOD!" This move will have great media coverage because, NOW, it will be GOD they will have to acknowledge!! It will be going on all over the world. It was as though God was using the terrorist attack of 911 to prepare for something in the future. This was a futuristic dream!! This move of GOD's HAND is happening right now! It's going to turn the nations of the world. He's using that terrorist attack and the covid 19 together to reveal himself.


The shell of the building represents the beginnings of the people rising up from the dust. It's not a man-made structure. This structure is not built with hands. It began to rise and form a building. I believe the building represents the true church rising up. THE FOUNDATION WAS NOT MAN-MADE, but it was the soil (SOULS OF MEN's HEART CRYING OUT TO GOD! It had been built from the cry of the people saying, "O GOD!"

I think the square opening was prophetic. I think they represent the -windows of heaven. These windows ran along the front of this very tall building. There was no glass in the window openings. HE'S TAKING THE GLASS BOXES AND CRASHING THEM! Also, I believe it represents many eyes that will open in the last few days. There could be no man-made substance seen on or in this building coming up from the soil. As the form began to rise the announcer said" He is taking them up!" God is causing his people to rise up out of the dust, the dust of humanity. After the building began to rise, there was a wind that began to stir up around the shell of the brown building.

The wind began to kick up and stir. Then I saw the soil begin to rise and gather. He gathered the soil inside of this brown building. THERE IS A COMPANY OF PEOPLE BEGINNING TO ARISE! As the brown building rose up the soil around the outside of the building began to be gathered on the inside of the building and it too began to rise as the building began to rise. A GREAT "REVIVAL" OF SOULS WILL BE COMING INTO THE KINGDOM! His breath Yod- Hey -SHIN-Vav -Hey pulled up the soil in such a mighty wind that the presence of God was indescribable in that wind. WE WILL SEE GOD'S HAND! The "people of the soil" stood up upon their feet- dead bones rising- like a wall inside of this building. THIS IS GOD REMNANT PEOPLE RISING UP AS A MIGHTY WALL OF PRAYER INTERCESSION. I remember it was a wall about 3 feet thick and taller than the building itself. THE REAL CHURCH IS ARISING! THE REAL CHURCH IS ARISING. IT'S THE REAL CHURCH. WE ARE 10 FEET TALL! The wall was the same color and made from the same soil as the building. THE FOUNDATIONS ARE BEING RAISED UP! I remember this dream as though I had it last night and it's been all those years ago. The top of the soil, THERE, was peaked. These peaks represented mountains. The peaks were of different sizes AND LEVELS. Some were taller than others. These peaks pointed towards heaven. I BELIEVE THIS represents the mountains of GOD'S GOVERNMENT THAT WILL BE SEEN IN OUR LAND.


Psalm 3:7 Arise, O LORD; save me, O my God! You have smitten all my enemies on the cheek; You have shattered the teeth of the wicked. 8 Salvation belongs to the LORD; Your blessing be upon Your people! Selah.

- rev 12:11 -they overcame because of their testimony and did not love their lives unto death. Matt (25) Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you ....over me.… Genesis 2:7 tells us that when God had formed the first man from the dust of the earth, he breathed into him the breath of life, and the man lived. “Preach to these dry bones. Say to them, ‘Dry bones; hear the Word of the Lord. This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will make breath enter you and you will live. I will attach tendons to you and cause flesh to come upon you and cover you with skin. You will come to life and you will know that I am the Lord God Almighty.’” Ezekiel 37:5 Hope for the Mountains of Israel.:

As we are in under his canopy of Love it is as though we are up underneath his HAND.

I saw his "HAND" motioning "summoning the army" -- His hand was in the air as a banner. His hand was moving in the wind.

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