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Hello from Raised Praise bannerflags for worship


At Raised Praise, we want to provide you with ministry tools that speak

God's Glory.


it’s only under the constraint of God that we are found weak in him, we are perfected in him by the grip of His righteous hand! When the grace of God touches our lives it causes an action- it causes us to be a moving river, a ministering flame of fire! If gravity or constraint isn’t there, fire has nothing to resist it, therefore flames have no shape. It’s the grace of God, the grip of the glory of God that “forms” the minister of God! Psalm 104:4 He makes the winds His messengers, flames of fire His servants.


Silk Material 8 mm


Black telescopic pole and mini tote



colors will vary from picture.

4 to six weeks delivery.



No refunds or exchanges

Glory Banneflag

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