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What will you receive with this order:

You’ll receive one silk 55x80 Jesus banner

One canvas and leather tote with Velcro closure

One Jesus sticker

One raised praise T shirt

The Jesus bannerflag for worship has travel the world!

It would be impossible to track how many nations this flsg has been lifted up!

It was 2007, when I stood on that grassy hill at Mississippi State University and posed for this photograph.

The JESUS Bannerflag has shipped out to nations worldwide through the Ministry of Raised Praise Bannerflags International.

I would have never believed Jesus banners would have become so popular.

Here we are in 2023. The Jesus Bannerflag is still as strong as ever, and growing stronger!!

For sixteen years now I have painted hundreds, and hundreds if not thousands of Jesus banners

single-handedly myself!

I believe this is just the beginning!

I heard Holy Spirit say the Jesus banner would be the most enormous Jesus banner in the world- well we are seeing that


Saints worldwide are stepping out and lifting up Jesus in many cities across many nations!

There’s no way I could provide enough Jesus banners to pull off such a mighty army!!

People have caught the vision to create

Or have someone create for them a Jesus banner!! Hallelujah!!

I see so many designs of Jesus banners!!

I’m so blessed to see God has spoken to so many to take a stand for Him!

Join a Jesus MARCH and raise a Jesus banner!!

If you need one I’m happy to provide that for you!

I still create them! For more details please see me in messenger or text.


Thank you so much!

Silk Jesus Standard Bannerflag for worship - pre orders only


You may ship banner for free cleaning and repairing within the first year.

After the first year of purchase $25.00 service fee for cleaning and repair.

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