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For this item Pre- order ahead please.

These are in high demand!


I’m Bringing the original BLUE Jesus hand painted POLYESTER bannerflag back into circulation.

This is the one that became so popular around the country during lockdown covid!


There’s a season coming we HAVE to be prepared to sow God’s word!

So, Use banners!!


I’ve created a polyester one for more versatile use. 42x50 various colors available - upon request-


It comes with a metal telescopic lightweight pole. You’ll receive one mini leather canvas pouch to store everything!

Plus a bonus ( free) t- shirt with logo Raised Praise ! What I have available in-stock will accompany your order. If you have a particular size or color I’ll try to accommodate that if possible.


I’m so excited to introduce these gift sets to you!

Gift set-Polyester revival size Jesus bannerflag -blue)

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